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One-hour Personal or Professional Strengths Consult

Whether you are looking for a deeper understanding of your unique gifts or you have a problem that you want to work through, together we can discover how your strengths are showing up and affecting outcomes.

90-minute Personal or Professional Strengths Relationship Consult

Strong relationships are the foundation of success. Do you have a relationship you would like to improve or make even better? Your Strengths report is a key to unlocking a deeper understanding of each other. Together we will explore strategies to improve your relationship based on your Strengths.



High Performer Habits: Recognize. Manage. Regulate.

According to studies, emotional intelligence accounts for 60 percent of work performance. This training focuses on the core principles that characterize excellence in high performers. In order to increase performance outcomes, High Performer Habits training provides a personalized experience where participants will elevate their foundational interpersonal skills through emotional intelligence.

Unlock Your Greatest Potential: An Introduction to Gallup Strengths

We all bring unique talents to the world around us. High preforming individuals, teams, and companies understand and develop their talents to achieve both personal and professional success. In this workshop dive deeper into your individual Strengths to understand how they are helping and hindering from achieving the results you desire.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

— Henry Ford


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Connectedness | Communication | Woo | Arranger | Positivity


Whether you’re leading yourself, a team, or a company, I believe in compassionately guiding people to navigate roadblocks and create pathways for transformation.


The world needs more “edutainment”! From conferences and company retreats to workshops and corporate events, it’s my mission to deliver an engaging and impactful experience that will leave your audience feeling inspired and determined for greatness.


Join me as brave women share their incredible stories of transformational change. Our goal is to celebrate each of these empowering women and inspire listeners to turn their own whine to wisdom.

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